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Be The Change; Be The Love

What can life’s let downs teach us? What is the major lesson they hold so tightly within themselves? Let downs can break your heart. Betrayal can tear your belief system apart. The ripple effect is usually hope broken, faith trampled on, any commitment is now feared. We grow more comforted by lack of empathy than actually absorbing the anxiety that is at hand. The empty dark emotional part of our soul that is just begging for attention. When ignored our mind translates our actions into a lonliness angst that haunts our every move. It is almost like a rain cloud that continues to pour the rain of tears that we fear the most. Snap out of it darling…here is the tough love at hand. It was also your fault. It is your fault that you faced something. You committed to something and it was a bad investment. Now it is your responsibility to face the fear of the next commitment and realize the anxiety you feel is so beautiful. The most amazing creations come out of darkness. Identify the depth and the unknown. Use your purpose. Use your story to pull you up. The next time you are let down it will not be unfamiliar. It will not be unknown. It will be more growth that you will embrace and use all the more. We are not rare breeds. Our stories are not made of rare principles. We have basic needs and when they are unmet you have two choices. You can be the change you want to see in your situation or you can live to pay the same letdown forward and bring someone else to your level of hurt because your misery needs company. The greatest advice that is lived is being the change. It is holding on to the hope you originally had and never giving up on it even when you have to love in silence. If you truly loved unconditionally you love even when you feel disapproval. You love through others naysayers and hatred. Fear and hope are equally powerful emotions that derive from your decisions. Choose wisely and ride the waves of time.


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Whoa Out Of Man Card…

Ready for another man bashing rant about how I can’t find a good man because they all are lying sack of DBags…. you found the wrong blog for that my darling.
I just want to know what happen to the man card and no that beard you grow and oil daily does NOT make you a man…attractive some of you but proof that you are a man I doubt it more than most of the time.
I couldnt even begin to bore you with the whole copy and paste of the urban dictionary definition of MAN CARDDDDD…. so here is the link for all you geeks like me that are curious to read or learn all the rules…

it was kind of a fun bucket list to forward to all of our men in this world que to the fact of the matter with dirty little secrets of the female world…we don’t want to enjoy cheesy love stories with you unless we get to hear you fuss and whine about it…well most of us at least.

We need a man with a man card. We need a man that will take charge and protect the family. We need a man so comfortable in his skin that he doesn’t bat an eye when challenged but laughs in the eye of danger. He respects those that get his attention because with his laser like focus on the success he is bestowing. We want a man that knows what he wants and doesn’t flex his endowment for just anyone or every girl that is subdued to this rarity of power expressed. He gets the right woman and stops at nothing to make sure she understands the team she is playing on to make sure she is up for the count. If she has the same focus and loyalty he has then he will protect her and be devoted to her no matter how reckless the waves are.  They take what they want and they don’t hold back for any fear that tries to get in their way. You either keep up or get out of the way it is as simple as that even though it hurts their feelings for a second it will never keep them back. These men have heard the haters and laugh. These men giggle under their breath when men waste their time worrying about others. They are not mindless. They are a man of their word. They do not lead others on. They admit when they are at fault. Again they get whatever they want…based on whatever THEY want. They invest into those around them and they build them up to grow and prosper.

Man. Card. Stop trying to prove you have one…and get one!

Women…stop “playing” hard to get and BE HARD TO GET!

Believe me boys there is also a woman card…that’s next blog 😉



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Dear Mr. False Soul Mate,

You reeled me in as you were on bended knee. You reeled me in with everything you claimed to feel.
The first eye contact, the first touch, the first hand held, the first kiss….So many moments so many butterflies and I remember them all as if they are still here in the room with me.
My life life turned upside down with the strike of the lightning you offered. You were my soul mate the man I should of waited to find. Any boyfriend before was just settlement until you came along and swept me off my feet.
I thought I was alone in the world until you introduced me the taste of true companionship.
You were my ying to my yang and the only song my heart sang.
Every move I made in my career had you in mind. Every boy that looked my way knew it was not them I seen.
Then you disappeared…the glimpse into my soul left me paralyzed with addiction to the high.
I thought maybe it was just the rush when two souls touch at the wrong time in life.
You were in a mess. I was in a mess.
After we got done digging our way out we would find each other in the end like that worn out Garth Brooks Trisha Yearwood montage…everything else disappeared when I seen me in your eyes.
Then you disappeared again. By this time I had dug myself out….where could you of gone?
I kept my promise….I left a man that never did anything wrong to me. Nothing wrong except lacked the ability to live up to the expectations you, my soul mate had set for him.
I was free and on my own waiting for you to dig your way out.
Push Pull Push Pull….I waited….I lived it up in the best way I knew how while I was drowning in anticipation for the love you always gave me.  I helped you with anything I could…I enjoyed you more broke without a job because we drove each other with motivation and rebuilding as a family. We mended each other’s frustration.
A roller coaster ride up and down round and round. This kind of soul mate roller coaster is a very old wooden coaster that everyone fears to ride… after all it is so fast and falling apart with every “Clear!”
You were my soulmate we could make any repairs together.
We were a power couple that is why everything was so strong and fast.
I began to question the words… that foundation yet you still got my seat belt to work again.
No one else could interfere with the hold you had.
One more ride and I will know…One more ride and I would find that there was never actually any hope.
I was just a passenger….and you were just a false soul mate.
Words out of this world…a back story that will always go unheard.

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Step-Dad is a title of a True Man…No It’s a title of a Champion!

A stepfather can come in many different shapes and sizes. This man has to not only walk the path of fatherhood for a child that is not his own but watch the woman he endears to bear the guilt of choosing a male figure that has no heart to be true to his word and commitment. A stepfather will hear many times through the toughest parenting moments that they aren’t the father. They will be reminded of it many more times than that. This man will have to hold his tongue when the child’s actual father swoops in and poses that he is a man worthy of the cause. This man will be called by the child’s last name instead of his own by teachers, coaches, and friends. Mr. that father is not present because he is no man. I believe we should call this man Mr. Champion. That is what we should call these men that fill the shoes of a delinquent father that simply changed his mind and turned his back on his creation. These men should not be called stepfathers…they should be called champion fathers. They pick up the pieces when the mother no longer can. They appease her guilt by giving her child a strong male role. They take the child that they had no involvement in creating. They love that child as if he or she is there own and leave no question to his love by showing compassion, truth, and justice for the family. He prevails over all accusations and conspiracy theories thrown his way. He fights for what is right and even when knocked down he gets back up to fight again. This is a true warrior that holds to his commitment. This man is a champion.

Thank you to my darling, my champion. He holds my broken heart and warms every piece of it. I am a very blessed woman to have found my champion at the most fragile time in my life. :*