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Those that Talk….Those That Listen….

img_3728-1My Spin:
I use to fear others opinions. I use to coward at decisions. I feared losing my happily ever after. Now only 28 years old  I have lost fear for losing anyone that gets in my way. My family. My priorities. Your loss. Lack of reality is always comforting to young babes. 💪🏽 You should of taken me seriously when you filled my head with bullshit….brah! 😂 I have learned to listen better. I am the only person that got in my way. It was no one else. I didn’t listen well enough to learn about the situation at hand. It might be the millennial in me that is always jib jabbing about my newest finds with no regards to hiding my life for some sense of endearment or privacy. The beauty of technology is we don’t have to hide in the dark when its so easy to share secrets of life in the light. After all we don’t get out of this short life alive….so dammit live a little you oldie! 😉 RIP Chris Cornell! 😦 I have enjoyed your talents for many many years and you touched my heart with your lyrics during keys moments of struggle and growth!

The Truths at Hand:
Think a minute of those you count to be the most powerful influences in your life. Who do you pay the closest attention to? We don’t melt for those that talk…we melt for those that embrace the power of silence. We are as attracted to them as a gnat  entranced by the blue light. I am gaining less fear of silence. Each chapter in my life I have embraced a new found growth that is now a habit. I must continue to embrace, dig in and grow more roots. It isn’t the branches that give others shade. It is the roots that sprout and become one with the wind to provide relaxation for the most tired of souls.
Silence is raw and you grasp so much approval when you speak less that is if you want just anyone’s approval. It can be used as shelter for those in need or for those devious ways. No matter the purpose whomever listens the most is ultimately the one in control. There isn’t always justice in listening or growth but it is an absolute face proven in many written history books.

Look in the mirror and remind yourself RIGHT NOW:
“I’m basking in my losses even when the scabs reopen to begin the healing again….it consistently drives me to more depth in my lessons at hand. I break my cycles with the drive I was born with. I pick up the responsibility where everyone else lacks. My cold heart with callused spirit will find its way again to sprout past my roots and give life to others again.”
Now continue on your way while getting out of your own way. Sush your mouth when talking to others so you can learn how to grow again and provide unconditional shelter by just being. 😉

Song upon the repeat for your journey:


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Dear Attorneys for the Father of my child,

Dear Attorneys and other guiding opinions from his fan club,

Al Pacino, Keanu Reeves, and Charlize Theron have nothing on the reality you gave me today and this past year. Thank you for being another person in this world to help my ex paint some picture of entrapment and crazy person that wants to steal all his money. $200 per month was exactly my goal when my child’s food, daycare, healthcare, needed home room and let’s not forget those diapers without considering the future school expenses are nearing $1000. Good thing I have no personal life so I’ll be able to save money at least one way. Thank you for exploiting one bad decision out of heartbreak that you consider resolution when it was actually only a bad decision after all the other naive decisions before giving your client the most unconditional gift a woman can give a man. Thank you for assisting the father of my child and all his poor inadequacies. He sure is a man that lacks many virtues but is such an exceptional student of your guidance. You gave him great advice that many others can also use to avoid duty, justice, and responsibility. I am well aware that all of us women that are crazy enough to make a child have it out for him. It’s amusing as a woman that incubated a child for 41 weeks, 24 hours of labor, now 1 year and a half of single motherhood from homeless to back on her feet is this crafty in her ways. Doesn’t every single mother sign up for ridicule, heartbreak, and betrayal from your clients. Aren’t they all just nasty woman in society? What a gift everyone in society gives to mothers….What a joy it is to have your guilt of picking such a delinquent father rubbed in your face with seeds of doubt he successfully planted in your reasoning. It’s ironic though how it takes two to make this beautiful child and still so easy for so many to believe I was just some young whore stealing money from a man who when we made our little blessing he was midbankruptcy and penny less and jobless yet it was entrapment deciding to make our child. I am a smart little girl aren’t I. I should probably stop posting things like I’m the millennial I am since that isn’t logical or saving face too right? What face do I have left to save with the poor mans life I destroyed by giving him a son? On the ending note your putting notion in for truly thank you from the bottom of my heart sincerely thank you for ignoring your logic and getting paid good money to defend your client in his ways. It’s cute how not one woman but now the second has always gotten away with such candid work. I’ll give my respect that is due after all lawyers are the men with the gold and the man with the gold always makes the rules. I’ll make sure I go after a lawyer next time with my entrapment skills. Cheers to all of the lawyers and my child’s fathers fan club. Keep to ignoring your logic it is much more friendly and better for your outlook on humanity.


Single Mom along with the other 80% of single moms that shares a child with someone who will never be there and will always leave their children to starve if they can because otherwise that would just be entrapment

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Do You Remember Your Name?

Troy (2004)
Messenger Boy
: The Thesselonian you’re fighting… he’s the biggest man I’ve ever seen. I wouldn’t want to fight him.
Achilles: That’s why no-one will remember your name.”

Will those around you remember your name? What emotion will they get if they do? How do you know your answer to that question? Do you judge it by the likes you get on Facebook or the newest count of IG followers? Any history that I absorb the names that are remembered are disliked by the many during that present time. They broke through the no’s and then came more yes’s than they ever desired. There is something about taking a fearless approach to our visions. It can become an infectious habit with even the weakest of minds. It is the fearless pursuit and the choices to continue to pursue even when nothing feels possible. More importantly Do you even know your name? DO you know what you want? Will you remember your name and all of its desires?

I am adoring my mood for ancient roman battle scenes long hair and dirty sandals. It always awakens the little warrior woman inside me…300 is in the Que to play next! 😉

Achilles: You gave me peace in a lifetime of war”

Lets bring our men peace ladies in our lifetime of war with fearless stance for our family and our land. Nothing will get in our way because there is nothing to fear with truth and justice on your side .