Joker and Harley Quinn Mentors

I had a friend tell me the other day his main goal or mentor in life that he wants to continue to be like is none other the Joker in the ever so popular comic book/movies Batman. He is on a desperate mission to find his Harley Quinn even if she is currently dating a mother man, dying her hair purple, and then professing opportunity through flirting with other men. I picked on him and then realized how many times I journaled about this turn of the times when Suicide Squad came out.

At the time suicide squad came out I was heavy into my breakup and naturally a rebound relationship has blossomed that I didn’t mean to jump into in my sane mind but boy ohhhh boyyyy did that roller coaster feel nice in the midst of loneliness and regret. One of his main references when we would get in these nasty arguments was none other than the joker. Which came as far as me changing his contact picture to exactly the picture he would send me when he was “done.”

Now props to that fling I had because he actually was a young student of D.C. Comic theories and not just a mindless movie watcher. 😜

Is emotion that awful in our society that our number one mentor has become a sociopathic, emotionless, feelingless, poser kind of being? The joker has no emotion he is just operating off of a game of chess with Batman just because he can. My darlings Joker is no leader he is only a little boy with daddy issues poking at the justice leader of the town because well he can. He isn’t leasing crusade when his time is occupied following Batman everymove to prevent getting caught in his newest creations. He is a blown up version of pinky and the brain. He’s “brain” surrounded by a whole bunch of pinky(s) that can’t grasp the bigger picture for fear of losing their high in the moment. Do we really want to be emotionless? Some of the most beautiful creations come out of extremely dark circumstance. Harley Quinn settled for his high because she is yearning for depth with a man that has no true care or emotion for her. The newest movie paints a beautiful picture of these two but we have to lose sight of the adrenaline rush and focus on the scene where he was giving his girl to another man. Let’s focus on all the exerts in the comic books that paints her to be an emotional clinger to the Joker that just annoys him. 

You could also look for similar mentors in Hitler, Napoleon, or any from the individuals in this link below:


My favorite is Elizabeth Bathory who drank the blood of the woman she slaughtered…now that’s a Harley Quinn Mr Jokers looking for such a lady. 

I believe we’ve lost sight as a society what true cruelty is and what rare yet most powerful fear these individuals pass out. With all these loose terminologies that paint anxiety to be bad or a permanent chemical imbalance. Check out the facts that no pill is proven…but one thing that can’t be argued is choice and there are many things we can choose to do when down in the dumps. Cutting people’s heads off…not a good idea!   

Ladies that admire Harley Quinn as a mentor….Men that have no empathy are cowards darlings and if you want that in your life than your fears are also outweighing your focus and purpose. Gentlemen gentlemen gentlemen….step up and move on from the concept you can’t hide from emotions for fear of stupid tagline “acting like a girl.” 

Earn your living build your wealth…protect your family at all costs…that starts with exploring emotions, respect, knowledge, and choices! 


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