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Step-Dad is a title of a True Man…No It’s a title of a Champion!

A stepfather can come in many different shapes and sizes. This man has to not only walk the path of fatherhood for a child that is not his own but watch the woman he endears to bear the guilt of choosing a male figure that has no heart to be true to his word and commitment. A stepfather will hear many times through the toughest parenting moments that they aren’t the father. They will be reminded of it many more times than that. This man will have to hold his tongue when the child’s actual father swoops in and poses that he is a man worthy of the cause. This man will be called by the child’s last name instead of his own by teachers, coaches, and friends. Mr. that father is not present because he is no man. I believe we should call this man Mr. Champion. That is what we should call these men that fill the shoes of a delinquent father that simply changed his mind and turned his back on his creation. These men should not be called stepfathers…they should be called champion fathers. They pick up the pieces when the mother no longer can. They appease her guilt by giving her child a strong male role. They take the child that they had no involvement in creating. They love that child as if he or she is there own and leave no question to his love by showing compassion, truth, and justice for the family. He prevails over all accusations and conspiracy theories thrown his way. He fights for what is right and even when knocked down he gets back up to fight again. This is a true warrior that holds to his commitment. This man is a champion.

Thank you to my darling, my champion. He holds my broken heart and warms every piece of it. I am a very blessed woman to have found my champion at the most fragile time in my life. :*


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